Commercial & Multi-Family Testing

ForRentBoth commercial and multi-family radon testing require specific testing  procedures to not only meet state and government regulations, but to assess radon concentrations accurately with PRECISION.

HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing requires radon testing for most FHA insured multifamily mortgages (MAP or TAP applications). HUD’s policy also requires that the radon measurement be performed by a radon professional that is both certified by NRPP (or NRSB) and the state where the testing is to be performed. Precision Radon is certified by the NRPP(#107196RT), licensed by the State of Illinois (IEMA #RNI2012209), and insured to perform commercial radon testing.

Commercial building testing and mitigations are not simple extensions of residential services.  Increased air movement from the buildings HVAC system(s), varying occupancy times, unusual radon entry mechanisms, and unusual structural features make it difficult to characterize the radon concentrations accurately.  These tests require specific quality assurance project plans to be developed for each individual commercial property.